3D Solutech Purple 3D Printer PLA Filament 1.75MM Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/-

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Ultra smooth technologyOur ultra smooth technology includes filaments capable of beautiful and smooth extraction to help build even the most delicate objects.Vacuum sealedWe use vacuum-sealed packaging to isolate the moisturized environment and filament, and provide the best performance possible.High compatabilityOur filaments have been tested on various 3d printer brands, receiving widespread and positive customer feedback.100% USA100% of the materials used in our products are grown and made in the USA.3D Solutech is a professional filament manufacturer specializing in providing a wide range of colors and materials for 3d printing.
Quality is always our top priority, and we check each spool, vacuum seal, and package by hand to ensure optimal product quality.
Our filament is a proven winner, and maintains the smooth and consistent printing experience needed to achieve the best printing results.
Our filament is always round, and contains no oily residue, air bubbles, kink,s or breaks.
Check out our store for the latest colors and materials for your 3d printer.Package includes:1 x 1.75mm Purple PLA filament (2.2LBS)1 x Filament clip.


  • 1.75Mm Purple pla filament
  • For common 3D printers such as makerbot, reprap, finial, up, Mendel, flash forge, sol doodle 2, printout lc, maker gear M2 and etc
  • Backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Temperature range is 190°c – 220°c


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