IMSI Design DesignCAD 3D Max 2016


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Design CAD 3D MAX 2016 is easy-to-use 2D/3D CAD software, perfect for beginners, but powerful enough to create high-quality designs, simple renders, and animations. The latest release of this award-winning software offers new file interoperability and better management of blocks, symbols, and image files.


  • Easy to Use 2D Drafting and Design: Usability Tools, Workspace Tools, Macros, Drawing Tools, Editing and Measuring, Dimension Tools, Groups, Blocks, Symbols, and more!
  • Precision 3D Modeling: 3D View Settings, 3D Primitives, 3D (Solid) Editing Operations, 3D Visualization.
  • Shadow Tool: Smooth the edges of rendered shadows, Procedural Textures: Add marble, wood, cement, brick, or more textures to your designs, Image Fills: Use an image as a fill pattern.


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